About Us

FANG JONG CO., LTD. Has established since 1999, with the company philosophy of Integrity, Practice, Profession, Innovation, Quality and Accuracy. FANG JONG insists on the high quality manufacture and efficient services, and sets up a reliable, safe, reciprocal and growing working platform. To following the market trend and global market demand, FANG JONG is active in innovating and developing the better brake system and auto parts, which is the golden principle and the growth of FANG JONG. FANG JONG expects to be the world’s leading ODM maker of braking systems for cars, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles and to assist clients to develop and to improve the better braking system.

ISO Flow Chart

FANG JONG CO., LTD. (Taiwan) is the professional ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) of Auto Parts, located at Taichung, Taiwan, specializing in producing the brake system, brake discs, calipers, customized auto parts and accessories. From design to manufacture, all products of FANG JONG are all made in house. FANG JONG has in-house machine tools to provide the perfect processing works, including CNC Lathes, 4-axis CNC Machines, Special Purpose Machines for Dual Machining and Milling, and equipment. To ensure the quality and stable products, FANG JONG uses the USA-made 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine, the Japan-made Hardness Testing Machine, Digital Balancing Machines, as QC equipment for the thorough quality control.

Production Process

FANG JONG's products and production procedure are certified by NSF in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 (Apply) quality control and management. FANG JONG has developed the complete production system to execute the ISO procedure with an integrated industrial process. In order to provide the efficient services and quality products, the entire manufacturing process is an in-house operation: design, development, testing, machining, quality control till service.

Corporate Information

  • NO. 155, Fumin Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 42948, Taiwan
  • Phone: 04-25618486 / 25611647
  • Fax: 04-25612184
  • E-mail : fangjong.co@gmail.com

Device introduction

Processing detail drawing/equipment introduction/processing capability

  1. CNC Lathes
  2. 4-axis CNC Machines
  3. Special Purpose Machines for Dual Machining /Milling
  4. CNC Machines for Dual Machining/Milling
  5. 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine(made in USA)
  6. Hardness Testing Machine (made in Japan)
  7. Digital Balancing Machine
  8. Imported QC Measurement Devices
  9. Imported Research and Development Equipment