Upgrade Brake Disc Rotor

2-piece Upgrade Big Brake Disc Rotor / Plain Type

(1) After enlarging the diameter of the brake disc, the torque and the tension arm increases, to improve the brakeage effectively and to shorten the braking distance.

(2) To having the enlarging diameter of the brake disc can also increase the surface for heat dissipation.

(3) Disc Surface Precision Machining. After EDP treatment, Double-cross cut and fine precision grinding to assure tightest tolerance on wear out, parallelism, thickness variation, to enhance the durability.

(4) After the precise machining, the run-out surface of the brake disc is within 0.04mm

(5)EDP Surface Coating. Thorough coating around all disc surface to prevent rusting and oxidation on rotor and hat. Available of the gold-colored hot galvanizing treatment, as option