Brake Disc Caliper Accurate Thickness Measuring Tool

  • TIME-SAVING!! For quick and accurate measurement of brake disc thickness.
  • EASY to operate and measure!
  • SMART DESIGN: Long body design, allows use on some vehicles without the need to remove the wheel.
  • QUICK: Spring action plunger allows quick operation.
  • MULTIPLE USE: Suitable for use with motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles.
  • EASY READING: Provide a clear way to read the result
  • SCALE: Metric scale with 1mm graduations.
  • RANGE: Reading range from 0 to 45 mm
  • ACCURACY: Tolerance value ± 0.25mm.


* Quick, accuracy and time-saving.
* Easy to operate
* It can be measured without removing the wheel
* Provide a clear way to read the result
* reading from 0 to 45 mm. Tolerance value 0.25mm.


C Hook: Brazing Alloy
Measuring Bar and Body: Aluminum